New Project: “People You Should Know”

Here at The Thirsty Muse, the main goal is to share the culture around our favorite libations. From the food we consume with our favorite wine, to the brilliant bartender pouring the perfect pint, The Thirsty Muse is more than a site about booze. All this leads me to my latest project, “People You Should Know”, and I need your help.


If you know of a great pub, vineyard, distillery, with a great brewmaster, bartender, chef, etc…and the pub/bar is in Ohio, drop me an email (Mike at TheThirstyMuse dot Com). Better still, if you are one of these great people, contact me so we can chat. Specifically, I am looking for people in the industry willing to get their picture taken for the post, share their stories, recipes, favorite drinks, etc.

Lori Graves

Comedian Lori Graves - © Michael Warth

The idea is based on my work with Comedian/Bartender Lori Graves. You can read that post here.

– Cheers





BTW, If you have an idea for this project, I would love to hear from you too.


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