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January Random Rant

Do you ever find yourself circling a bar or club like a hungry lion ready to pounce on dinner? What if the bar or club isn’t “perfect”? Do you ever question the bar or find excuses not to park and … Continue reading

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The At Home – Almost Perfect Pour

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a perfectly poured Guinness at an Irish pub. I have ranted a bit here on the site regarding the perfect pour, but I also know many of my fellow Guinness lovers often have a … Continue reading

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18 Year Old Jameson Irish Whiskey

Bourbon, Scotch, Tennessee Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, & Irish Whiskey all have subtle flavor differences due to the distillation process, ingredients, water, maturation length and process. Last weekend I was at one of my favorite Irish pubs and decided to have … Continue reading

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A Little Red From the Black

In the spirit of this website, I want to share a little story about meeting new people and sharing a drink. It was a long awaited drink, and the people involved have had to wait or were not even there…that … Continue reading

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