Do You Make Beer?

Me having a Goggle Fogger at Fat Heads in Cleveland, Ohio - Photo by my friend Joe Kleon.

Having a Goggle Fogger at Fat Heads in Cleveland, Ohio – Photo by my friend and fellow photographer, Joe Kleon.

When I was writing for Alternative Revolt Magazine, I had the opportunity to discuss beer and the beer making process with the likes of Greg Koch (Stone Brewing Co.), Matt Cole (Fat Head’s Brewery), home-brewers and many others. Writing & photographing for the ‘Hopping Mad’ column each month is really what led me to start this site. I enjoy talking about beer, meeting people passionate about beer, making photos, and writing about beer.

I really love what I am doing here at The Thirsty Muse, and I hope to do a lot more with whiskey, wine, cocktails, and beer. However, I want to dig deeper into beer. No, I’m not changing what and how I post here on the blog, but I am working on a project that focuses on making beer in Ohio. The focus is on Ohio beer, and the people who make it. From home-brewers to craft brewers, I hope to share so much more than a photo and my thoughts on the beer.

So now that you know the basic plan, I am asking; “Do you make beer?” If you do, and you want to get together I would love to meet with you for this special project. I will share much of this project here on the blog, but I want to create a free downloadable eBook when I am done. This is not a review of Ohio beer, it is a closer look at the people and beer of Ohio.

Drop me an email at (mike [at] thethirstymuse [dot] com) if you are, or know someone who might be interested in participating in this project.

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