The Go To IPA You Have Been Waiting For Is Here

By now, you may have already heard about the new beer for IPA lovers from Stone. The reviews are out, snobs have had their chance to pick it apart, and the internet is alive with opinions.

Stone Brewing Co. did it again, they gave us a beer we all needed. I had my doubts regarding the style, but I knew if the great minds at Stone created this beer it was going to be tasty. Let me introduce you to Stone Go To IPA – the session IPA you have been waiting for.

The remarkable 'Go To IPA' by the great minds at Stone. © Michael Warth

The remarkable Stone Go To IPA. © Michael Warth

The sheer brewing talent it takes to brew a beer so hop-forward (65 IBU), in the style of a true IPA, and yet only 4.5% ABV is simply amazing. The fact that Stone, the craft beer company well known for creating big beers with incredible amounts of hop flavor, created this beer, just proves to me how great of a beer company they really are and why they are one of my favorites.

So, why all the fuss over an IPA? Did you not see the alcohol percentage? Stone Go To IPA is the perfect beer for all of us who demand real flavor out of a beer we can session all day long while cooking out on the patio, or hanging with friends. It is the perfect marriage of taste and ABV for the IPA lover. The best part is that Stone Go To IPA is also one of the nine year round ales Stone produces.

As a reader of the ‘Muse, and a fellow “thirsty” imbiber with above average taste in good drinks, I urge you to keep Stone Go To IPA in stock for those backyard parties and moments when a buddy stops in to visit. Drink better and inspire others to do the same, share this with the yellow fizzy beer drinking folks who drop in too – maybe you’ll be able to get them to stop drinking bad beer.

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