Is There Time For This

Some of gear - expensive paperweights until I get off my tail and do something with them - © Michael Warth

Some of gear – expensive paperweights until I get off my tail and do something with them – © Michael Warth

Between making a living, staying responsible, managing the family life, and being an artist I have had all but no time for this site/blog. I had no idea so much time had passed since my last post.

YouTube consumed A LOT of my time and was is fun but also reminded me why I don’t need to chase shiny shit just to share my art. Most of you probably don’t care what production value I offer, or even if I like a particular drink. Maybe I’m wrong there too. However, what I do know is that I am an artist first and foremost. Time is the one thing we can all agree costs us more than anything else. How we spend our time must be about living not existing, planning to live, or doing the things we hate. I know the responsibilities are important. I’m not saying, “quit your job and join the circus”. But I am saying it’s time to slow down and enjoy the life you have.

I write this because time has passed by quickly over the last few years for me and even flew by since February this year. You may be experiencing the same thing, and I hope this makes you think about it. For me, life has been tough, challenging, and downright crappy and finding time to make art in any form has been all but a dream. I’ve probably said this more in my life than I care to admit but, I have a plan and I’m excited to be on a path to be the artist I have wanted to be all my life.

Stick around, I’ll continue a lot of what I’ve done and share it here on the blog but know this…The Thirsty Muse is about to be more about my art, the creation of my art, and all things creative in my life. My “muse” is thirsty, she is awake, and the struggle to find time will continue but the artist must create. Therefore, yes, there is time for this. I’m not dead yet…I’m only getting started.

Cheers, and happy Monday to all!

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