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Are You Ready to ‘Take Your Shot’?

Ohio is getting cold-cocked! That’s right, I said it — cold-cocked. The rocking’ folks at Zeiler Spirits in San Diego, California have started distributing their flagship brand, COLDCOCK American Herbal Whiskey to Ohio, and I am wicked excited about it. I was starting to … Continue reading

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Life is Short – Be A Rare Breed

Life has a way of kicking us in the balls when we least expect it. Like many of you, I find myself frustrated with time or more specifically, the lack of time. In my case it is partly a time-management … Continue reading

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Remembering Cliff

Bourbon Heritage month is coming to a close. Yes, I don’t always drink beer my friends, but when I don’t I still drink well (the most interesting man in the world is a douche, just for the record). I chose … Continue reading

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Bands & Booze…Well, Yeah!

Last Sunday I had the great fortune to meet and photograph a cool bunch of musicians who go by the name, Southern Ground. I’ve already met the bass player, Corey in my days with the magazine and it was pretty … Continue reading

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Too Busy? What Really Matters?

Are you really too busy? Do you keep blowing people off? I get it, we’ve turned into a society of busy-bodies who schedule everything from our meals to our bathroom breaks. I made it through the holidays without getting sick, … Continue reading

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Woodford Reserve & Making Photos

By now, I would say the majority of you know I am a photographer. I made a lot of pictures this weekend, worked hard, hauled a lot of gear around Ohio, and even as I write this, I have a … Continue reading

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